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Welcome to my Bible Genealogy Web Site. Here you will find all of the people in the Bible that fit into the Genealogy of Jesus. All of the names are documented with biblical references so that you can read about each person in context in the Bible. I considered it very important that you should be able to go directly to the verses in the Bible that I used to document each person. I also added notes about most of the major characters to make it more interesting. Just looking at a list of names can be pretty dry. As time goes along I will be adding more notes so that eventually you will be able to read something about all of the major characters. Get your Bibles out and good luck.

In addition to Bible Genealogy I also have included information about Archaeological Discoveries that speak to the reliability of the Bible as history. Go to that page by clicking Biblical Archaeology.

Table of Contents

Things you need to know before you start looking through this site.
  1. 1. The ancient Jewish way of naming children does not follow the same pattern that we do today. Names shown in the Bible are the equivalent of modern given names with no surnames. Therefore when you look at the name index you will see that it is sorted in alphabetical order by given (or first) names.

  2. Dates in this genealogy were calculated from data given in the Bible and from time lines I have in my possession.

  3. When you see an * beside someone's name that means that he is not a son, but a more distant descendant of the named father.

  4. As stated above, Matthew and Luke record two different genealogies of Jesus. I am in no position to debate the reasons for this and it is really not important as far as this web site goes. For convenience I will associate Luke's genealogy with Mary. Please do not take that as an indication that I necessarily agree with those who say that Luke did, indeed, go by Mary's genealogy. I really do not know if that is true or not. I am doing it that way because it works best in my genealogy program. That permits me to show both genealogies without confusing my database. I leave it to others to settle the differences between the two genealogies.

This has been by far the hardest genealogy work I have ever undertaken, but it has also crystallized numerous things in the Bible that were confusing to me before. Trying to tease genealogy out of the Bible forces one read it much more closely. Even though I will continue to add things to this genealogy from time to time, it is virtually as complete as I can make it.

I used several sources to develop this genealogy. I have two Bible genealogy wall charts that other people have already plotted. You probably think it would be a simple matter to transfer the information from the wall charts to my genealogy program on the computer.

If you think that you are very wrong. Unfortunately, the two charts disagree on the genealogy of several of the people in the Bible. So, I have to use other sources to figure out which chart is correct. In the case of Samuel I found both of them to be only half right. (Click the Notes link above for more genealogy information about Samuel.)

I have two books that list and give brief biographies of people in the Bible. Like the wall charts they also disagree about the ancestry of certain people. Additionally, I have the complete works of the first century historian, Josephus. And, of course, I used several translations of the Bible. Last, but not least, I have a Bible computer program that was immensely useful to me for finding the Bible references for each person on this web site.

All of these sources are listed below:

All of these sources disagree with each other. It would be nice if we could use only the Bible to develop genealogy. But, it is extremely hard to extract genealogy from the Bible. There are many reasons for this. For example, the Bible has multiple genealogies for Jesus and for Samuel as stated above. Also, the Bible will name a person as the son of another person when the descendant is, in fact, several generations removed from the person named as the father. And finally, many people in the Bible have more that one name. You can read about an individual in one part of the Bible and find the same person in another part of the Bible with a completely different name.

Nevertheless what you see here is about 99% of what I expect to ever put here. I am developing a separate page of interesting (and confusing) things I have discovered while doing this work. Did you know that Jesus and Saul were 6th cousins, 30 times removed? Well that one is probably not exactly correct, but Saul really was related to Jesus as a distant cousin. I will come up with a list of things like this and make a separate page for them. Maybe you can add some of your own.

Several people have asked to purchase a copy of the database in GEDCOM format. Until now I have resisted the idea of distributing the data in that format. The reason is because I invested several years of very hard and tedious work into putting together the data in its current format. Because of that I simply have not wanted to sell it. However, I have decided that I will also sell a GEDCOM version of the database if you are willing to pay $250 for it.

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