Descendants of Adam

First Generation

1. Adam was born in 3941 BC in Eden. He died in 3011 BC in East of Eden. He was buried in Hebron.

Genesis 2:7

According to Jewish sources, Adam was the first to choose the Cave of the Machpelah as his burial place “under and inside of the cave.” The Midrash reports:

Adam sat and pondered and he said, ”For I know that You will return me to die and at meeting place of all living” (Job 30:23). “As long as I am still alive I will build a house outside of Mt. Moria.” He dug and built himself a house. Then he thought, these tablets (the Ten Commandments) which will be written by the hand of G-d will chase away the waters of the Jordan river; my body-made by G-d’s own hands and given a soul by Him. After my death my body and my bones will be taken and be made into idolatry. So, therefore, I will bury my casket deep under and inside the cave. Therefore, the Cave is called the Cave of the Machpelah-The Multiple Cave and there is where they are: Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sara, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Leah. And therefore it is called Kiryat Arba -the city of the four- because four couples were buried there.

The cave is in Hebron.

Adam married Eve. Eve was born in 3941 BC in Eden. She was buried in Cave of the Machpelah,Hebron.

Genesis 2:23

Adam and Eve had the following children:

+ 2 M i Cain was born in 3939 BC.
  3 M ii Abel was born in 3938 BC in Eden. He died in 3880 BC in East of Eden.

Genesis 4:2-5 - Abel was a shepherd. His sacrifice was accepted by God.
+ 4 M iii Seth was born in 3811 BC. He died in 2899 BC.

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