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Marshall Genealogy Manuscript

Bible Genealogy Manuscript
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Marshall Genealogy

It has my entire database of just over 42,500 names and is completely searchable.

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Genealogy Manuscripts for Sale

Marshall Genealogy Manuscript

Bible Genealogy Manuscript
Adam to Jesus
Free Copies Available

I have two manuscripts for sale that are based on the information from this web site. They are available in electronic form in Acrobat .PDF format only. The first manuscript is the genealogy of the Marshalls back to William Marshall. and the second manuscript is the complete genealogy of the Bible from Adam to Jesus.

There are good reasons why I am by-passing the traditional methods of print publishing. I contacted several publishing companies and discovered that unless I can come up with a substantial amount of money up front they are not interested. Even at that I would still have to do most of the marketing myself. Everything considered I can find no advantage to using traditional print publishing.

See below for more details about each manuscript.

Note: The Marshall Genealogy manuscript contains about 14,000 descendants of William Marshall. There are thousands of names on this web site that are not included in the manuscript because they are not descendants of William. However, all of the names in the database are related either genetically or through marriages.

Ordering Information

  • Each manuscript sales for $20

  • You can purchase both manuscripts for $35.

  • They are shipped on a CD and the shipping and handling charge is $5 for either one or both of the manuscripts.

  • You can save the shipping/handling charge by receiving the manuscript(s) via email attachment. However, you must have a broadband Internet connection for that because the files are large. If you use a dial-up connection you will not be able to receive the manuscripts as email attachments.
  • Include your email address and mailing address with your order.
Mailing Address:
David Marshall
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Warranty Information
The CD media is warranted for six months from the date you receive it. If it fails within that period of time it will be replaced at no cost to the original purchaser of the manuscript.

The manuscripts are copyrighted. You are authorized to download and/or print one copy for your own personal use. You are also authorized to make copies of portions of the Bible Genealogy manuscript for use in Sunday School, Bible Study groups, or religious studies in church, public and private schools, colleges, and universities. You are not authorized to make copies, either electronic or hardcopy, for any other purpose without the expressed written permission from the author.

Marshall Genealogy Manuscript

This manuscript contains over 14,000 names of the descendants of William Marshall of Calvert County, Maryland. William Marshall was the second great grandfather of Martin Marshall who migrated to Stokes County, North Carolina. Martin is buried six miles north of Winston Salem, North Carolina at the end of Dusty Trail, off Baux Mountain Road.

I must emphasize that the connection between Martin Marshall and William Marshall has not been proved with official public documents. However, the best information we have points in that direction. I include that connection in the manuscript in hopes that someone can use the information to eventually prove the connection.

I also included information about certain families that are related to the Marshalls. Those families include the Spargers, Marions, Wrays, Badgetts, Freys. and others.

The mmanuscript is just under 1,000 pages long and includes a 200 page index of every name in the manuscript.

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Bible Genealogy Manuscript

Free Copies are Available!
I will give a free copy of the manuscript to anyone who finds a biblical person who is in the wrong place in the genealogy line on this web site. If you think you see an error like that please send me the name of the person and the chapter and verse in the Bible to support your claim. One caution, there are differing interpretations about where certain people fit in the overall genealogy. I will not accept those as errors, since nobody really knows for sure what the answer should be.

Congratulations to Henk from The Netherlands. On July 27, 2007 he discovered that I had Jerimoth listed as a child of David and Michal. Since Michal never had any children that certainly cannot be correct. Actually, I also had Jerimoth listed as a child of David and an "Unknown" wife, which is correct. I removed Jerimoth as a child of Michal. Henk received a free copy of the corrected manuscript as a result.

Congratulations to Jo from Singapore. On October 6, 2009 she discovered that I had identified Hoglah as a son of Zelophehad. In fact Hoglah is his daughter. Who will be the next to get a free copy?

I am doing this because my goal is to have to most accurate Bible Genealogy web site in the world. I feel that it is 99% accurate already, but an error or two may have creeped in as I put the data into my database. Happy hunting and good luck.

Information about the manuscript
The manuscript is about 225 pages long (8 1/2 X 11 size paper). It has a Table of Contents and a complete Name Index. There are approximately 1,225 descendants of Adam included. There is a biblical reference for each person, except two (2) who do not appear in the Bible, but are documented in other sources. There are individual notes included with many of the names that add additional information about that persons importance to the Bible story. There are also Appendixes that include all of the Biblical information from this web site.

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