Descendants of Adam

Tenth Generation

21. Noah (Lamech , Methuselah , Enoch , Jared , Mahalalel , Kenan , Enosh , Seth , Adam ) was born in 2885 BC. He died in 1935 BC.

Genesis 5:29 - He was 600 years old when the great flood occurred. He and his sons repopulated the earth. Noah also discovered the process of fermentation and was the first person in the Bible to experience intoxication (Genesis 9:20-27).

He had the following children:

+ 22 M i Shem was born in 2385 BC. He died in 1785 BC.
+ 23 M ii Ham was born in 2385 BC.
+ 24 M iii Japheth was born in 2385 BC.

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